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This app provides a very clean interface for individuals with visual/navigational challenges because it offers an enlarged and clutter free space for an individual to complete one task at a time: compose status, read friends posts, comment, etc.

What is also notable is the effort to make books easily accessed and navigated and supported by recorded speech. This app has potential to be very accessible, but at the moment we recommended because you could click it on quickly as you leave your desk in case your child wants to explore on the web


Merely a launcher to a website called zoodles where parents can create an account (free and paid services). In this space a child can play games, do art, read books, or send e-mail to family members. the goal here, somewhat similar yet not as well controlled as Zac Browser (you can download this tool by Googling its name), a child can be restricted from going anywhere on Google Chrome as long as Kid Mode is active. what's notable for kids with intellectual challenges is a simple video mail interface which may help them stay in touch with family in an easy to use manner. Put Chrome into Kid Mode and get hundreds of fun, educational games that kids 8 and under can play all by themselves

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