Grammarly for Chrome reviewed on 7/14/2014 21:59:55

Grammarly for Chrome

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John Calvert
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Spell Check, Dictionary, thresaurus, punctuation, synonyms suggestion,

License: Freemium
Age Range: 
13 - 90


Grammarly won't help in Google Docs, but it will provide assistance in Gmail, Facebook, Blogger, Google Plus, Wordpress, Twitter, and other web based text editors. The service works in your prefered editor and doesn't need the user to copy or paste text; this is a huge plus. An email address is required for Grammarly to connect to the account, for this reason the earliest recommended age is 13. 

The spell check is quite good. There is also a decent punctuation check, although I found 50% of the punctuation errors went undetected. A dictionary and thesaurus is also provided on doubleclick. A useful box appears when the user rolls over an error. This box clearly explains the error and suggests a fix. Double clicking a word provides a synonym list - a particularly useful feature. The Grammar check did marginally better than some of the competition, correcting three of the seven test phrases: 

  • Matt like fish. 
  • Anna and Mike is going skiing. 
  • Their goes my freedom. There going to bring they're suitcases. 
The following phrases were not corrected: 
  • I don't want no pudding. 
  • I went to the store I got milk and cokies. 
  • Because I ate diner. 
  • I will eat fish for dinner and drank milk with my dinner. 

It must be noted that the premium service is more comprehensive. The Premium Grammarly will check verb/subject agreement, comma splices, pronoun use, run-ons, and word choice. These featured would have yielded better results on the phrase test.

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