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Books are easily navigated with mouse clicks or keyboard arrows, unfortunately the tabs on the page may be rather small and difficult to read for some users.

This app and website bring Google well into the field dominated by Nook and Kindle, especially with the off-line features. The translation features are a real plus.


Google Play is merely an app that brings you to googles multimedia center workbooks, music, videos, etc., Are available for free or purchase. As they indicate there are over 4 million books available through their cloud-based library/book club. The key issue for our users is the availability (online and off-line) of reading materials that allow for changes in font, background, and even language (a pretty incredible feature allows the user to highlight information in the book for immediate translation to a multitude of languages). Highlighting within the book also allows for notes, bookmarks, and immediate Google searches of terms. These books can be read on android devices or any tool that has access to the Google play website.

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