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Ginger's extension is easily launched from menu bar and provides a pop-up screen into which text can be pasted or typed. A quick click activates their web-based engine and alters the text to what would be considered grammatically correct and spell checked. Ginger also has a Windows-based extension that works directly on your computer offline (Macintosh requires a connection and Chrome browser).

Although it is easy to use their web-based tool, this Google extension is not as intuitive but still valuable. It will be helpful in correcting your spelling and grammar needs, but it is not as seamless as it could be; it offers both a correction box for typing into and a drop down spell-checking suggestion feature as soon as Google Docs reports a possible spelling mistake.


Ginger is a valuable spelling and grammar checker that's been around him well for a while. It's phonetic spelling support and proof-reading engine is excellent. It is now available as an extension on chrome which can support people with writing challenges in a valuable way.

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