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The tool works well for users with good mouse dexterity.

The reliance on mouse selection can make or break this tool.


Chrome Speak is a simple text-to-speech engine (tts). This app is useful for users who have difficulty reading on computer. Users select text and then access the context menu to activate the tts engine. As a result, a user can quickly target areas of a website to read without unnecessary dictation. This also makes the tool less useful for the blind who need alternate ways to cycle through and select text on a page. On windows machines use the right-click menu. On Apple devices, use the Ctrl-click. Features include the ability to control the rate, pitch and volume of the reading. Different languages can also be selected. This tool can also be used offline which is an interesting asset. Some users complain about a machine-like voice. However, the majority do not seem bothered by the quality of the narration.

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